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Our services consist of 2 core offerings

Contract Support

Fractional General Counsel

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US $300-$350/hr

Contract drafting and review, and commercial advisory

Flexible​ hours, never expire

Direct line of communication via your dedicated WhatsApp group

Swift onboarding, work commences immediately, within 5 business day work turnaround

Senior and experienced consultants ready 24/7

Agreements we regularly assist with:

  • Shareholders' Agreement

  • Share Purchase Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Employment Contract

  • Founders' Agreement

  • Master Service Agreement

  • SaaS Agreement


Experience with niche documentation in areas such as Web3 and fintech



Access top-tier legal expertise without the full-time commitment.


All arrangements and costs are bespoke based on your specific budget and scope.

Our Fractional General Counsel service provides your business with experienced legal professionals on a flexible, part-time basis.


Tailored to meet your company's unique needs, our service ensures you receive strategic legal advice, compliance guidance, and risk management, all while reducing costs.

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