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LDU services include 2 core offerings

Contract Support

Contract Outsource

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US $300/hr

Contract drafting and review, and commercial advisory

Flexible​ hours, never expire

Direct line of communication via your dedicated WhatsApp group

Swift onboarding, work commences immediately, within 5 business day work turnaround

Senior and experienced consultants ready 24/7

Agreements we regularly assist with:

  • Shareholders' Agreement

  • Share Purchase Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Employment Contract

  • Founders' Agreement

  • Master Service Agreement

  • SaaS Agreement


Experience with niche documentation in areas such as crypto and fintech



Outsource your routine contracts (eg. NDAs, SaaS agreements, ISDAs) for us to manage

Free up your legal team from routine contracts so they can focus on higher value tasks

Most popular offering: Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) outsourcing:


  • Different tier plans of up to 20, 150 or 300 NDAs per year

  • In demand with asset managers, banks, family offices and PE/VC firms with high volume deal flow

  • Partnering with Pactly to provide you with a contract lifecycle management platform to track and store agreements more efficiently

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