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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should a startup choose LDU?
    In today's legal market, Startups and SMEs often struggle to find and afford experts who offer the necessary legal expertise paired with a deep understanding of their industry. Our unique differentiator is our project-based approach. This gives you access to solid yet affordable commercial expertise with the quick turnaround times you would expect from a senior legal team. In addition, we offer: (1) transparent and affordable pricing, with capped budgets and fixed fees, (2) in-house experts that have deep niche industry expertise from time spent as senior legal counsel and general counsel in major companies within Southeast Asia, and (3) a collaborative and dedicated relationship driven by responsive status updates.
  • How is LDU different from a law firm?
    LDU is a legal solutions platform, we provide you with tailored legal solutions by connecting you to our four communities: (1) in-house counsel for contract support, (2) law firms for expert advice, (3) legaltech tools for operational efficiency, and (4) corporate service providers for a one-stop-shop option. This differs fundamentally from a traditional law firm in its approach, structure, and sometimes even in its core objectives. While law firms typically offer full legal representation and advocate on behalf of clients in disputes, a legal solutions platform emphasizes providing advice, optimizing legal processes, and offering strategic insights. Further, a significant portion of a company's day-to-day legal needs, such as compliance, contract drafting, internal policy formulation, and general commercial advice, can often be addressed and resolved by legal consultancies without needing to hire a law firm. This approach can lead to more cost-effective, agile, and streamlined solutions, enabling businesses to navigate legal landscapes efficiently without the overhead and formalities that might come with engaging a law firm.
  • What industries or sectors do you specialize in?
    LDU provides flexible and competitive legal solutions for startups and SMEs in Southeast Asia in all industries and sectors. We have been the go-to consultancy for many tech, fintech and web3 clients as our consultants have extensive experience in these areas.
  • What is the background of the consultants at LDU?
    LDU consultants are all legally trained in-house professionals, qualified across multiple common law jurisdictions with experience practicing in top tier law firms and major corporations around the world. All LDU consultants have more than 8 years of commercial and legal experience, and have developed an expertise in the Southeast Asia region. We engage LDU consultants for contract support and outsourcing assistance.
  • What kind of services does LDU offer?
    See our Services.
  • How can LDU assist tech startups? How about non-tech startups?
    LDU is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive legal support to both tech and non-tech startups. For tech startups, LDU offers guidance on intellectual property rights, data protection regulations, software licensing agreements, and navigating the evolving landscape of tech regulations. For tech and non-tech startups and SMEs, LDU can assist with foundational legal requirements, including business incorporation, employment contracts, compliance, and commercial agreements. The versatility of LDU's team ensures that whether a business operates in the digital realm or in traditional sectors, it receives tailored legal support that resonates with its industry, goals, and challenges.
  • In what ways can LDU add value to my startup/ SME?
    We provide commercial and legal support based on our experience with other startups and SMEs in the Southeast Asia region and beyond, focusing on providing your company with market and industry standard insight that we have gained from supporting other successful companies in your space. We can find a solution to any problem you have through connecting you to our four communities that we have access to (in-house counsel, law firms, legaltech and corporate services).
  • Does LDU offer customized legal solutions for different businesses?
    Yes we do, we operate like a startup and can offer bespoke solutions for your company. For example, our Contract Outsource service started as a bespoke offering and is now part of our regular service offering. In this way, we stand out from law firms as we craft processes around your company's needs.
  • How do we get started with LDU’s services?
    Email us at or whatsapp us.
  • What is the process of engaging LDU?
    Very simple. We begin work as soon as you accept our terms and pay the invoice. Within a day, we'll set up your dedicated instant messaging group and assign a dedicated team to your workstream. You'll be copied on all emails and you'll get to provide input on the process and review quality. Once we align on timeline and expectations, we begin work, with first documents normally turned around within 5 business days.
  • Can you provide examples of successful partnerships with startups?
    We have provided support to over 150 clients and have completed over 800 projects. Check out some of our Clients.
  • What is LDU’s approach to confidentiality and data protection?
    LDU holds the principles of data protection and confidentiality in the highest regard. Adhering strictly to relevant global data protection standards and regulations, LDU implements rigorous protocols to safeguard client data, ensuring that all sensitive information remains secure, both in storage and transmission. Additionally, all LDU consultants are contractually bound by stringent confidentiality clauses, guaranteeing that client matters are handled with the utmost discretion, and that any proprietary information disclosed in the course of engagement remains strictly confidential.
  • How does LDU charge for your consulting services?
    See our Services.
  • Are there any hidden fees that we should be aware of?
    No hidden fees, you are quoted a budget which we will stick to. Where a matter requires more time, we will charge per hour based on our set rate and you will be informed prior to any additional fees to be incurred. This will never change.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept bank transfers and crypto payments.
  • Does LDU offer packages or retainer agreements?
    Yes, we offer various promotions, email us to find out more:
  • What areas of business consultation does LDU specialize in?
    Our consultants specialize in various areas critical to startup growth and development, like company formation, fundraising strategies, product offerings, and negotiating commercial agreements. We also provide expertise in facilitating mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Are there any matters where it would be better to consult with a law firm?
    While our team is well-versed in business consultancy, there are specific scenarios where the advice or representation of a law firm might be necessary. These situations typically involve formal legal proceedings, regulatory applications, liaising with regulators, or seeking legal opinions in accordance with local laws. If your venture requires assistance in these areas, consulting with a law firm would be the prudent course of action.
  • How can LDU complement the services provided by a law firm and your in-house legal team?
    Our platform model works in synergy with your external counsel and in-house legal team, focusing on business strategies and commercial insights, which can enhance the legal advice you receive. We can be a valuable partner in shaping your business decisions, providing practical insights based on our extensive in-house experience. We are a flexible resource that can be called on when you require, and can assist with project managing your matter with external counsels and service providers.
  • Where is your letter of engagement?
    See here.
  • Where is your privacy policy?
    See here.
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